Frequently Asked Questions -


Q. Whether Secondary/Senior Secondary School Certificate obtained from NIOS have the same recognition as other Boards?

A. Yes. The Secondary/Senior Secondary Certificate obtained from NIOS have the same recognition as certificate issued by the other boards. NIOS is vested with the authority to conduct Public Examination at Secondary and Senior Secondary level vide Government of India's Resolution dated 14th September 1990.


Q. How different is NIOS from any other Institution for providing education?

A. NIOS offers a wide range of subjects in comparison to any other formal school . The learners are free to choose any subjectc combination as per their needs and goals.


Q. What is the choice of medium offered by the NIOS at the Secondary / Senior Secondary Courses?

A. NIOS offers its course mainly in Hindi , English and Urdu medium. At the secondary level, beside these medium Telegu , Gujrati, Malyalam and Marathi medium are also available.


Q. Can Certified learners appear for various Competitive Examination?

A. They Can , NIOS learners do appear and compete in various competitive examinations . However the eligibility criteria such as requirement of specific subject minimum percentage of marks and so on must be fulfilled by the learners.


Q. In which month NIOS holds its Secondary / Senior Secondary Public Examination ?

A. The Public Examination are held twice a year in the months of March - May and September - November on dates fixed by NIOS.


Q. Is it Necesaary to have a two - year gap between passing of Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination?

A. Yes. A Two-year gap is essential between passing of Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination.


Q. How do the learners find examinations results?

A. Result is made available on Internet. On successful completion of the course as per certification criteria a learner is provided Mark-Sheet, Migration Certificate and Provisional Certificate.  

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