Mission - 

The mission of IIL is to offer world class education and to promote awareness and application towards raising the quality of life. It aims to provide education to create dynamic professionals of excellence to help  meet  India’s diverse multi profession needs. Ensuring the expansion in the number of quality professionals and faculty, through existing and new institutional mechanism



The aim of IIL is to inspire the young generation, the future of our country to acquire confidence and skill with education to lead our country.

IIL aims to remind its students that “ They are here to add what they can to life,  not to get what they can from it”. IIL aims to infuse confidence hardwork and sincerity in each child and to see each problem “ as a chance for them to do their best”.  It wants to ensure its students that those who face every problem with a positive frame of mind are bound to succeed.

IIL aims to guide all to students to keep their abilities in readiness for every opportunity that comes their way it aims to provide a proper shaping and direction to the natural abilities of the students to enable them to rise above future and touch the sky.


The role of coaching institute in preparing a student for exams like AIEE and IIT is to identify their weak areas and help them to improve them. Also they should regularly take test and increase the spirit of competition among the students. The coaching institutes should provide efficient knowledge to the students to increase their confidence. For every student there is a kind of pressure from friends, family to get an admission in a top college in which ever field he or she chooses. It’s not an easy task to get admission in the desired college and to excel in that field. It takes a lot of effort to achieve your aim and become successful in life. For the students who want complete guidance and want a good rank in entrance or competitive exams, coaching institute is the best option. The prepare students for all kind of exams and give essential knowledge to prepare not only for the entrance exam but also for the interview.

As John Dryden aptly said- “ for they conquer who believe you can, you can”.
IIIL aims to extract that inner self confidence of each student to aspire to be successful in life and to realize that    FAIL IS JUST- “ FIRST ATTEMPT TO IMPROVE LIFE”.

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